Senior Summer @ Padworth College

The Senior Summer @ Padworth College programme allows students aged 14-17 to become immersed in the English language under the care of professional teachers and supervisors. Together, they will provide a seven day long teaching programme of various leisure and learning activities to stimulate the mind of every student.

Set in the gorgeous English countryside, Padworth College is the ideal location for any budding English student to study. A short distance from both London and Gatwick airports, it’s an ideal place for long distance students.  Padworth College is the perfect environment to learn and study, with its peaceful and beautiful location proximity to various cultural and historic landmarks.

Course content

There are 21 hours of tuition involved in this in-depth English course. Oxford Spires focuses on communication and language, and our stimulating programme offers a learner-focused and memorable experience to all students.


Oxford Spires staff at Padworth College are dedicated to teaching in a stimulating and memorable way. They are native English speaking professionals with CELTA or equivalent qualifications who are happy to help students develop at a pace that is suitable for them.


Classes consist of no more than 15 students. This allows the tutor to offer each student more attention and personal teaching in an engaging learning environment. Students will also plan their outside excursions in the classroom to ensure more time outside is dedicated to learning

Padworth College holds a workshop every teaching day. These are unique topic-based lessons and activities that allow students to learn in a way that engages them the most.

These workshops are designed to provide a more practical and focused method of teaching, allowing students to use what they have been taught in a way that is more interesting to them.

There are many different workshops to cater to each learner’s preferences, including sports and computer based lessons. Workshops can provide students with a more meaningful learning environment.

Workshops are chosen at the time of booking. Students on a two-week course can choose a different workshop each week, provided they choose their second one during the first week.

Day Trips

We offer two unique and memorable full day excursions within the Summer School programme to historical locations near Padworth.

Examples include London, Windsor, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford (for students at Padworth College), and Warwick Castle. Students are advised to bring small amounts of pocket money for souvenirs and personal spend, but entrance and transport fees are included.

Afternoon activities

Each afternoon, apart from the full day excursions, offers a chance for students to enjoy various afternoon activities, including archery, badminton, swimming, tennis, football and many more.

Evening activities

Evening activities are included for Padworth and Oxford residential programmes every evening. Students have a great choice of exciting activities to choose from.

Evening activities take place on or off campus, and include quiz nights, ice skating, ghost walks, discos and many more.

Residential and accommodation is available for this programme.

1 July to 12 August 2018

Residential programme – £850 per week

Full board residential accommodation

Beautiful and secure location

21 hours of tuition per week

Varied daily programme of sports and leisure activities to suit all interests

Two full-day excursions each week

Return airport transfers to London Heathrow airport*

Supportive and professional staff

Small classes of 15 students maximum

Senior students enjoy extra privileges such as extra free time during excursions and extended curfews

* On designated arrival/departure days, within the hours of 9:00am and 7:00pm

Senior Summer School @ Padworth College is for students aged 14 to 17 years.

Sample timetable


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