Oxford Spires is an education provider of junior programmes for international students aged 10-17. Oxford Spires is part of the Oxford Active family which was established in 1998. In 1998 we opened our first junior summer camp in partnership with Oxford University to provide a summer camp for local working parents. Today Oxford Active provides vocational training across the UK as well as multi-activity camps for juniors in various locations across the UK.

Oxford Spires has become an integral part of this now providing English language programmes for international groups and individuals in Oxford and Royal Berkshire.

We also operate a successful programme of year-round mini-stay programmes for groups. We are immensely proud of the programmes we offer and are able to offer not only a personal service, but also an enjoyable and unique programme.

Our wide range of programmes combine English tuition with supplementary activities and learning to give students an experience they will cherish forever.

Oxford Spires is different in the way it approaches learning – we maximise every learning opportunity, even though the students are normally having too much fun to notice! We also pride ourselves in:

• Flexible courses for groups – whilst we have a menu of programmes there are plenty of optional extras and we can tailor each course.
• International classes in summer: learn and socialise with students from all over the world.
• Small classes: A maximum of 15 students per class with lots of individual attention and support.
• In-class preparation to make the most of planned trips and experiences.
• Teachers who are passionate about education and the city of Oxford.
• Projects and activities designed and developed to increase leadership skills, teamwork and social interaction.
• A choice of residential or homestay accommodation depending on the student’s age and group preferences.